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I offer a wide range of web development skills and have built websites using different content management systems (CMS). I built websites for both personal and commercial use. I made mobile friendly websites using bootstrap and through CMS creating them from templates and from websites given to me by employers..
I have made applications from games to software using a team environment and version control to keep track of changes. I understand version control and the use to create complex applications using a team workflow. Using version control I accomplished many tasks and learned new ways of managing code.


Created a two dimensional games that could be played on the PC. Using my understanding of gravity and games created by others as a road map I created games that brought my understanding of coding and love of games together.
I understand the concepts and tools used to create apps for both Android and IOS. I have researched Android and IOS games knowing the tools and languages that the different platforms use to create apps for the Play Store and for the App Store.
Web Designer with a passion for designing clean and functional websites and user interfaces. Check out my web design portfolio. Creating designs that are user friendly and eye catching yet simple in design.
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Coder with a passion in coding websites and applications with clean and code design that is easy to understand and is reusable. Alsways ready to lean more and have been doing coding for 6 years.
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Usability, Visibility, Flexibility, Aesthetics and Creativity
About Me

My name is Sajid Jaber and I am a college graduate from University of Wisconsin Whitewater in a Bachler’s of Science in Computer Science. Understanding coding procedures and techniques was emphasized greatly in college and using comments to show others what code does. Also learning different languages such as Java and C++ was essential to guide the classes to advanced topics and projects. Coding has been an enjoyable part of my life since high school. I have made many different applications and web sites using a variety of methods.  

Having different internships helped bring my knowledge further. Doing undergraduate research under a professor taught me GIT. I learned how to manage code and use GIT to track changes and use GIT as a tool to see changes made to the code.

Also Worked at Marketing Metrics Corp. as a web developer intern I used bootstrap to created mobile friendly websites out of websites that were not user friendly. This let me get more in depth learning experience in bootstrap structure and concepts that mobile friendly websites have.

Also I worked at Cudahy PC as an intern where I coded websites using Joomla Content Management System. I learned how to build websites with different templates and manage the website content based on the client’s needs. The internship provided experience in dealing with clients and their needs in creating full functioning websites.

Lastly I took a coding class in Drupal development where I worked with a team of other students at Debug Academy where I used GIT and Drupal to create a website for a designer. Using Drupal 8 new features and GIT to control changes made to the file. I contributed to the development of a website that a designer made


Programming Languages such as C++ and Java

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Creating Websites and Applications for personal and Commercial Use

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A University of Wisconsin Graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science . Creating web and software applications to fit customers needs.
Software developer / Web developer
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