Web Designer with a passion for designing clean and functional websites and user interfaces. Check out my web design portfolio.
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Coding is a passion for me that I enjoy to do on my free time.
Android development and ios development expert 
Understand Appstore procedures to make certified apps
Understands photoshop techniques and procedures to create images
Understand the basics of flash
About Me
Yes ! I can do it !
Usability, Visibility, Flexibility, Aesthetics and Creativity
About Me
 I am a University of Wisconsin Whitewater graduate of 2017 that studied Computer Science with a minor in Web developement. I currently work full time as a manager at U.S. Cellular  managing two stores and still find time to code on my free time. I currently code basic web applications and create my own images for fun.
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Sajid Jaber
Expert Web Developer
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Excellent Design!!
Logo design exellent
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Went aboce and beyond to get the service to our standards.